Regulation of use

Penalties for Non-Compliance

By humans users commit to upholding established standards to preserve human effort. These standards are outlined in our regulation of use. In the event of non-compliance with these rules, proportional sanctions will be applied: minor, severe, and very severe.

It's not personal – we just want to ensure we're all on the same wavelength of integrity and respect for human work. These penalties are implemented to maintain trust in our certifications and uphold our values.


Fine €300 - €1500
  • Lack of cooperation or refusal to provide relevant information to assigned auditors


Fine 10.000€ - 25.000€ + temporary revocation
  • Demonstrated use of AI within the 6 months prior to certification

  • Intentional concealment of any changes occurring in the conditions that led to authorization

very severe

Fine 50.000€ - 100.000€ + complete revocation
  • Demonstrated use of AI during the validity period of the obtained certification

  • Demonstrated use of AI at a time prior to voluntary withdrawal, when the use becomes apparent up to two months after withdrawal.

  • In addition to the complete revocation of authorization, the user cannot reapply for it until after 5 years have passed.


Explore a summary of our regulations

We want you to be well-informed about our essential terms from the start. To make things easy, we've prepared a summary highlighting the key points in our regulations. Feel free to download it here.