Our mission

Faced with the growing concern about the future of human work in comparison to that performed by Artificial Intelligence, By Humans emerges to REPRESENT, PROTECT, and BESTOW WELL-DESERVED DISTINCTION the crafts of individuals. We focus on the creative, inventive, artistic, and exceptional, recognizing these endeavors as the unmatched essence of the human spirit.

We safeguard and celebrate the human work

We aim to bestow distinction upon work done by individuals, enabling them to compete against the cost-cutting implications of replacing their efforts with AI execution

We protect work done by humans. Currently, distinguishing whether a creation has been made by a human or AI can be challenging. With our certification, we aim to ensure that the creation has been made by a human.

The certification does not seek to discredit Artificial Intelligence. We are aware that AI can be a beneficial and complementary tool to human work in some sectors, and we greatly appreciate the efforts of developers using computational creativity. Therefore, we note our NON-REJECTION towards AI.

However, certain sectors are and will continue to see diminished job opportunities. Therefore, we are here to navigate the change and ensure a fair playing field.

We support employability-focused organisations

Our goal is to preserve human labour. That is why we allocate 40% of the amounts contributed by certified users as economic penalties to non-profit organizations dedicated to employability, randomly selected within the European Union territory.

To ensure transparency, any authorized user who has incurred an economic penalty for non-compliance may request documentation verifying the destination of the imposed financial penalty.

We donate 40% of fines to organizations driving employment initiatives
Transparency at its finest: our users will have visibility into the impact of their contributions
Randomly chosen NGOs across the European Union
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