Protect the spark

Stand out with our seal, embrace the human touch. Our certification is the testament to genuine innovation. Join us, and watch your effort become a symbol of authenticity. 

Since the spark is ours, we protect the spark.

What is by humans?

Protecting human employment

Our certification focuses on the human element, specifically representing, safeguarding, and bestowing distinction to the skills of real people, setting them apart from tasks performed by AI


By Humans is a label that guarantees that a product or service has not used Artificial Intelligence, serving as a valuable tool for consumers who want to ensure they are acquiring a quality product

Pioneer in the European Union

By Humans is the first registered and granted certification brand at the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) dedicated to accrediting human work versus Artificial Intelligence

What does the by humans distinction ensure?

AI-free product
No AI in production
No AI in distribution
Monitored for 1 year post-certification
No use of AI maintained over time
(at least within the last 6 months)
Pro human employment

Why go for it?

Although AIs can produce creative results, they are based on existing patterns and data. Only human creativity has the power to break established norms, think out of the box, and deliver genuinely original ideas.

Each human brings identity to their creations through cultural influences and their unique style, crafting works that resonate significantly in a specific cultural or social setting. By obtaining our label, you ensure that the work has been carried out by a human, positioning your company as one that values creativity and the quality of its products.

Obtaining our label places users as leaders in human-driven quality. This market differentiation can translate into an increase in business prestige, making a positive impact on reputation.

Creativity and reputation:

Various generative models have been fed with texts, images, voices, illustrations, and personal styles, in the vast majority of cases, without the creators' consent. With our certification, you are taking a stand for people's intellectual property rights.

Moreover, because of the data that feeds it, it has been proven that AI can exhibit discriminatory biases based on race, age, and gender. By using By Humans, you will be making a direct commitment to diversity and advocating for equal opportunities.

Did you know "fake news" affects AIs too? Generative models absorb information without verifying its validity. Imagine the dire consequences in our era, marked by a society increasingly polarized by algorithms: AI accentuates individual preferences by tailoring to user profiles, further dividing us. This is why, with our certification, you are positioning for truthfulness.

The Ethical Edge:

Personal development is paramount. Learning turns us into individuals who savor the rewards of well-directed effort, allowing us to face frustration and mistakes with resilience and pride in what we have achieved. The learning process sparks critical thinking, adaptability, and, above all, intellectual autonomy.

From an economic point of view, the eventual reliance on AI by humans poses the threat of ceding control to corporate entities. This scenario could lead to subjugation to the companies that have mastered such technology. Obtaining our certification, in this regard, offers economic freedom, providing a safeguard against potential entanglements to external interests.

Have you ever wondered, 'If an AI makes a serious mistake, who is to blame?' Consider that humans, endowed with moral discernment, take responsibility for their actions. However, AI, lacking consciousness and ethical motivation, can blur the notion of authorship and responsibility, as its decisions are anchored in data without a deep understanding of the meaning behind its actions. That is why, with the By Humans label, you also position yourself in favor of responsibility and  accountability.